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Inner Space of a Future Memory

Workshop, collective performance and installation 

Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin, Ireland

Year: 2022-23

Photos: Pati Guimarães


Inner Space of a Future Memory is a work-in-progress methodology I've been developing, which is composed of a workshop and conversations followed by the collective construction of a performance and an installation based between the studio and the formal garden of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).


It’s a place to explore collectively the various notions of joy, memory, identity and healing, thinking about restorative processes based on subjectivities of communal and personal aspects inspired by ancestral expertise from Brazil, West and Central Africa, and Ireland.

Reflecting on dimensions of the self and community, through both memory and the future, the collective is inspired to enact spaces to recognise the importance of enchantment and empiricism in daily life. Inner Space of a Future Memory foresees unexpected dialogues and approximations, exchange of experiences, and knowledge through the sacredness of meanings and values through memories, words and objects shared and created by the participants.

Working on the notions of home, ancestry, continuity, choice, belonging, assimilation and replacement vs displacement, the workshops are a platform to invite the participants’ inputs towards the performance and installation to create rituals towards inward love.


Images from June 29th - Inner Space of a Future Memory #1

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